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a collection of ideas/information/files from the wired

samidare o atsumete hayashi Mogami-gawa

gathering the rains
of the wet season β€” swift
the Mogami River

γ€Œ knowledge 」
lain zine #1
lain zine #2
you are not a gadget
electric sheep
google & wikileaks
nothing to hide
cyberpunk manifesto
otaku study
lucid dreaming
timez #1
disrupt television
prime intellect
robot ghosts and wired dreams
2600 (unknown issue)
digital life
copyright misconceptions
spectacle society
the art of BBS
fb rant
internet badass
ufo survival
γ€Œ internet 」
otaku no ascii
the jargon file
fauux wired sound
pomf.se clones
well cultured anon
world2ch english textboard prism-break
beyond cyberpunk
jinteki industries
anime club comics
gentoomen library
google has your passwords
deck of cards encryption
project gutenberg
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